Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rob Welsh Contest Winner


J Burton - Sea Level

I was going to wait a while before uploading this, but it got leaked on the Thrasher site this week. Here is Jay Burton's part from "Sea Level." I spent about 9 months filming this with him at the Groton Skatepark in Connecticut. Check out www.emulsionapparel.com to buy a full copy of "Sea Level," and support the scene! Elliott Vecchia and I put a lot of work into this project!

10% Discount off Tattoo appointment @ Altered Image in Brunswick when scheduled with Justin

I've always been proud to be a Mainer and it feels good knowing when I started this blog I could try and contribute something to the skate scene that treated me so well.

New video from the Mont Sandwich blog ft. Jay Brown and others

Perspectives Ch.2

Jay Brown's 2nd chapter of the Perspectives series featuring Dave Labbe

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dirtyshire Files: Colin Kennery

My boy Mike that runs the DirtyShire in New Hampshire sent me this clip of his homie. Kid rips!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1/8/11 Skate Sesh @ The Portland Park filmed by Jimmy Collins

Some skateboarding at the portland skatepark with Garrett, Sam and Dave
Shot on Canon 7D 1280x720 60p conformed to 24p using Cinema Tools

Alex Winslow's Part from Maine and Simple

Jay Brown's new short videos Perspectives Ep. 1 with Mike Gustafson

A series of shorts displaying what a normal night in Portland Maine might be for some. Most of the time in late February the grounds are ridden with dirty snow and ice. I had a few weeks where the weather held up, and got a chance to go out and shoot these vignettes.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sam Mckenna's Photography Blog

Sam Mckenna is the up and coming photographer in Maine right now and he just started his own blog to showcase his work. It's all of his photography not just skateboarding. Here's a link to his photography blog

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adam Gale - Wallie Photo Joey Sczurko

ESNC Brand

Mike Gustafson has been of big part of the Maine Skate scene for many years as well as one of the biggest inspirations behind Maine Skateboarding. He's been helping with this since day 1. Recently he started his own Clothing line called ESNC. This is true east coast brand that represents all the proper things that a company should express. The first run of shirts and crew sweatshirts are in. Shirts $10 Crews $15. Support local companies as well as a skater owned brand. http://esncbrand.blogspot.com/

Become of Skate Jawn Facebook page


Skate Jawn's an amazing zine out of Phily that reps true East Coast skateboarding to the fullest. i've been doing a lot of work with them and they've supported Maine Skateboarding and showcased the Maine Skate scene from the beginning. Great People over there if you have skate photos, artwork etc that you would like to send in send it to Marcus @ SkateJawn@gmail.com

ESNC: Clothing.

ESNC: Clothing.: "The first run of ESNC clothing is in! Send Mike Gustafson a message to to get a shirt and represent true skateboarding T-shirts $10,  crewneck sweatshirts $15.  Printed here in Portland, ME on high quality threads."