Friday, July 22, 2011

visualfind: 7.20.11

visualfind: 7.20.11: "It's 1am and I'm watching Old School and kicking back some High Life's, haha. But check this out, in addition to making great vids Jay Brown..."

Chris Peterson Gap to Krook Boston, Ma Photo Colby Hunter

For the second week in a row Lisbon's Colby Hunter has had 2 photos on the Focus website called "Focused Thursday" This week it's Chris Peterson Gap ro Krooked Grind in downtown Boston.

New Jeff Jones Footage

Nate Keegan Portland, Me July 4th, 2011

Jay Brown filmed a short Western Edition clip for Nate Keegan spending the 4th of July in Portland, Me

Nate Keegan July 4th from Jay Brown on Vimeo.