Saturday, September 24, 2011

Forrest Hagerman smith grind a truck in Portland , Me photo Mike G

Forrest skating like a true Mainer smith grinding a truck in Portland, Me photo Mike G posted on the lowcard site!


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Trilly said...


This is Ty. I met you at the Iguana in Portland w/ Charlie Field. I wanted to make you a personal offer, pending your interest. I'm willing to design you a deck (provided you send me a deck), complete with your vision. Your idea, your color schematics etc. You just allow me to make it hot and sign it. Drop my name and contact info prior to executing a video shoot, and display the deck and relay my info thereafter you have completed said trick(s). I'd also be willing extend similar offers other Maine skaters for a nominal fee.I so some pretty gangster T shirts as well, and can work with anyone's vision. If interested, email me @ "EmailTyHawkins@yahoo.com". Can't wait to hear from you man. It was nice meeting your whole crew. I got work references from 20 different graphics industries t0 kill for and style for miles. That said, get at me. We should really be in business. 1 -TY