Maine Skateparks

 There's over 40 Skate Parks around Maine that we know about if you know of any let us know to add to the list. Pictures are a plus Thanks - Maine Skateboarding

Auburn, Maine - in the gully across from The Village Inn. also known as aps. benches, snake run, spine and whatever diy is happening at the moment... put your gnar boots on theres holes and glass and bums in this one!!

Augusta, Maine - right off the rotary on Bangor St. All concrete, 5ft bowl, 5 stair with Hubba, small hip, flatbar, bank to ledge, manny pads.flat to flat gap with ledge, 2 20+ ft ledges with step up ledge at the end, Small park but really fun.

Elijah Akerly - 5-0 Grind

Bangor, Maine - Bangor Skate Park Relocated Between Union Street & Maine Ave

Bath, Maine -4 old Brunswick Rd, next to Armory- Skateshop, Indoor park, hubba, rails, pyramid,

Jay Brown - Wallride - Photo Corey Mckenna

Belfast, Maine -  Eric Overlock Memorial skate park

Bethel, Maine -Route 26 and Bethel Parkway, Davis Park, Bethel, Me 04217, Long small QP's that wrap around, pole jam, barrier,

Nick Cluckey - 5-0 Grind Fakie

Biddeford, Maine - Rotary Park

 Calais, Maine - Directions: follow the OBDS signs. Address: 56 Calais Avenue

Camden, Maine - 

Cape Elizabeth, Maine -

Carrabassett Valley, Maine - Anti Gravity Center, Address: 3197 Carrabassett Dr.

 Eliot, Maine - Address: 11 Dixon Rd, Boxes, rails, Hubbas, Large Bowl



















Jay, Maine - Tri Town Skatepark  Directions: On route 4 turn by district court to recreational park. Address: recreational park

Jay, Maine - Anti- Gravity Center,  Directions: bottom of sugarloaf acess road, Address: sugarloaf access road

Kennebunk, Maine - great mini ramp, banks, boxes, rails

James Engle - Switch Heel Kennebunk park

Lewiston, Maine - Address -Park St. and Spruce St.  Concrete, Big Bowl lots of flow tranny, handrail 8 stair,

Kyle Pepin - 5-0 grind fakie

 Livermore Falls, Maine - Directions: your first right when you cross the river and go by the police station and its on a dead end dirt road on the left its there. Address: livermore by police station

Orono, Maine - Ymca Indoor park, Helmets required, fee to skate   boxes, rails, etc Address: 472 Stillwater Ave http://otoymca.org/skate-park.php  Phone #: 207-827-6111

 Portland, Maine - Directions: Dougherty Field, St. James Street , Address: St. James Street

Hunter Mcpeak - 360 grab photo - Jake Dube

Garrett Brooks - 5-0 grind fakie

Nick Decarlo - Backside Tailslide photo - Joey Sczurko

James Engle-  masiive air

 Rockland, Maine - Address: 400 Broadway in the highschool parking lot 

Sanford, Maine - Ymca park outdoors concrete 

Scarborough, Maine - at the High school across from the police station, metal ramps

Skowhegan, Maine- ar the Rec Center, outdoors, free, concrete

Standish, Maine - Outdoors concrete, barrier, Hubba, long qp's, Handrail

Elijah Akerly - backside smith grind Photo - Joey Sczurko

Devinn Goodine - Nosegrind Photo -Joey Sczurko

Chris Peterson - Lipslide Photo - Joey Sczurko

South Paris, Maine - Oxford Plains Skatepark - Directions: Take Rte 95 Maine Turnpike to the Gray Exit. Take Rte 26 all the way to South Paris. You'll take a right at the High School then your first left onto Charles St. It is right behind the Red building that used to be a lumber yard.

Springvale, Maine - Concrete, Outdoors, Directions: go into Sanford and go down main street till you hit 7 eleven... its out back Address: 238 main street

Waterville, Maine -  wood and concrete. Its located on green street just off water ct.

Ben Cironi -Kickflip

Wilton, Maine - Kenniowatha Skatepark Outdoors, wood ramps

Windham, Maine - wooden ramps, Address: 348 Gray Rd.

Photo -Joey Sczurko

Taylor Getchell - Krooked Grind  photo - Joey Sczurko

Taylor Getchell - Fs Flip( won best trick contest with this trick ) photo- Joey Sczurko

Winthrop, Maine - behind the winthrop grade school. Old wooden park needs some help

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