Name Drops

Name Drops are for up and coming skaters in Maine that would like to get their name out to the public and get some exposure into our local skate scene. If you are interested in having one contact Travis Storer and he will email you some questions. All we ask is for a clear in focus skate photo (preferably street photo but not necessary) We have almost 100 who are the new up and coming skaters in Maine?

Chris Martin - Fs Disaster

Abe Pieciak - Boardslide to fakie 5-0 fs 360 out

James Engle -  FS 180 - Photo  Rich Ellis

Dave Labbe - Wallride  - Photo Jim Collins

Alex Winslow - Backside Tailslide -Mike Harris

Ben Cironi - Wallride

Erich Koehler - Frontside Krooked Grind - Photo Travis Storer

Kyle Downs - Fs Crailslide - Photo-Chris Martin

Taylor Getchell - Fs Flip

 John Norton - 21 stair Ollie

Philip Savage - Pole Jam Fakie - Photo Sam Mckenna

Jeff Jones - Backside Lipslide  Photo - Dustin Harvey

Garrett Brooks - Front Board pop out - Photo Sam Mckenna

Elijah Akerley - Bluntslide - Photo Erik Peterson

Jeff Perry - Heelflip - Photo Trevor Dow

Nate Jones - Wallride

Ryan Choquette-  Frontside Noseslide - Photo Erich Koehler

Shaine Morris - Backside Tailslide - Photo Colby Hunter
Justin Klajbor - Nosegrind - Photo Hayley VanDeusen

Brett Nagy - Ollie
Devinn Goodinne 50-50 - Photo Sam Mckenna
Peter Higgins - Ollie - Sam Mckenna
Chris Peterson - Kickflip
P-Vann Phum - Backside Tailslide - Photo Sam Mckenna
Daniel McFarland - Ollie
Josh Goodman - Half cab Noseslide - Colby Hunter
Kyle Whalon - Noseslide
Ryan Lafean - Ollie
Elias Simonetti - Nosebluntslide
Mitch Gosgrove - Ollie - Photo Colby Hunter
Thomas Dupere
Alex Ruscansky - 50-50
Colby Hunter Photographer - Skater Ryan Lafean Nosegrind
Jesse Albert - Ollie
Nathaniel Lightbown - Wallie Front 5-0 - Photo Sam Mckenna

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